Frequently Asked Questions


1. What modes of payment are accepted?

* Direct Bank Transfer / PayNow (Preferred): We accept direct funds transfer to our DBS and OCBC accounts. Once payment has been made, please notify us by completing the ‘Payment Confirmation’ Form found in your ‘Order Confirmation’ email, and we will send out your package as soon as we have confirmed receipt of payment.

* PayPal: We also accept all the major credit card payments made via PayPal. You do not require a PayPal account to complete the transaction; you will be linked directly to PayPal upon check out. 

2. Do you have a physical store where I can bring my child for a fitting before I purchase the swimwear?

We apologise that we do not currently have a physical store (although we do not rule that out in the future!). We are able to offer very competitive prices as we save costs from not having to lease a shop space, and are able to pass on these cost savings to you.

Please refer to the size guide provided in the description for each swimwear or eyewear style, and do note that sizing differs slightly between brands. If you find that the size does not fit well, please contact us for a free exchange, subject to the terms of our Exchange Policy.

3. The item/size that I want is out of stock. Can I make a backorder?

Yes, you can make a backorder if we have indicated ‘Backorder’ on the item. If we have not indicated 'Backorder', please drop us a message to check as it may be that the sizes are being restocked and on the way to us!

Backordered items can be added to your shopping cart and you will be charged for these items upon checkout. We will ship the backorders to you as soon as we receive the items. If you have other in-stock items in your shopping cart, rest assured that we will ship these to you first so you can enjoy your purchases!

Please note that we can only reserve pre-paid backorders. If you are unsure whether to backorder an item, please choose ‘Notify Me’ instead and we will contact you as soon as the item is back in stock. Alternatively, drop us an email and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

4. Can I make changes to my order?

If your order has not been shipped out, we will try our best to accommodate your change request.  As such, please email us at cs@baby-beachbums.com as soon as possible, stating clearly your order confirmation or invoice number, reason(s) for the change and details of the items to be exchanged. 

Please note that once payment has been made, we are only able to accept changes where the total invoice value is equal to or more than your original order. If your order has been shipped out, we regret that we are unable to make any changes to the order. In such cases, please refer to our ‘Exchange Policy’.


5. BABIATORS sunglasses offer a LOST & FOUND GUARANTEE. What do I have to do to be eligible for this guarantee, and how do I make a claim?

Our uber cool choice of children's sunglasses, Babiators, are even more attractive to parents because of its unique Lost & Found guarantee! If your little aviator's Babiators products are lost or broken within one year of purchase, Babiators will send you a FREE replacement (all you pay is shipping!). Indeed, these guys understand the woes of parents!

To be eligible for the guarantee, register your purchase on Babiators' website (http://www.babiators.com/guarantee/) within 30 days of purchase. You would need the UPC code (12 digit number on the box's bar code), so do not discard the box until you have registered. Babiators will then send you a redemption code to redeem their free pair. Remember, you would be liable for the cost of shipping the replacements from the US to Singapore (~USD15 per unit). 


6. How do I wash my swimwear ?

All swimwear should be hand washed immediately after use, in cold water with very mild detergent. This helps prevent any damage caused by salt water or chlorine. Do not scrub over a rough surface or use bleach. Do not wring dry as the twisting may damage the material. To maintain the shape of the swimwear for as long as possible, press the swimwear dry between your hands after every wash and lay flat to dry in the shade.

If you are unable to dry the swimwear immediately, wrap the washed, wet swimwear in a towel first before packing in a waterproof bag.

7. How do I get rid of sunscreen marks on my swimwear?

Mix baking soda and water to make a thin paste. Spread on the stained area and leave for about 60-90 minutes. If the stains cover large areas, soak the whole swimwear in a baking soda and water solution for an hour or more. Baking soda will help to break up the stains from oil-based sunscreen products and make it much easier to remove using a hand-washing or laundry-washing method. After pre-treating, launder as usual.

8. How do I care for my goggles?

Your swimming goggles need just as much care as your swimwear in order to last. 

Do not rub the inside of the eye cup lens with your fingers, towel or tongue. Rubbing the inside of the goggle lens will cause damage, scratches and may even remove the anti-fog coating. If your goggles fog up, simply dip them under the water to clear the fog.

Always rinse after use in cold fresh water and let it dry. Goggles are not made to withstand heat, so do not use warm or hot water to rinse them as this will cause damage to the strap, clips and lens. Do not use detergents, alcohol or other chemical products to wash your goggles as these will also cause damage. 

It is also very important to dry your goggles after rinsing. Do not throw your goggles into your wet bag or wrap them up in a towel, as this will cause bacteria and mould to breed and result in damage to the goggles. Never leave your goggles out in the sun either as the straps, clips and eye cups will dry out and break.