Happy Nappy - Nappy Wrap

SGD 14.90

This lovely soft white cotton nappy wrap, with embroidered logo, forms part of our fantastic new environmentally friendly nappy system. Though the Happy Nappy works perfectly well alone it is easier to clean up if a liner of some type is used inside so we have developed a system to save you money and protect the environment.

The Happy Nappy system comprises: -
Stage 1 - Biodegradable, flushable liners to hold solids, ideal to use with normal nappies as well as in water.
Stage 2 - Soft, fine cotton NappyWrap.
Stage 3 - Happy Nappy in fun prints and colours!

How to use.

  1. Place a Splash About flushable liner (available seperately), folded to fit, on your opened NappyWrap.
  2. Place baby on top and wrap around and fasten snugly with the surgical quality Velcro.
  3. Pop your Happy Nappy on top and you are off!

The NappyWrap should fit below the rib not under it and it should be undone to remove. The velcro doesn’t have to overlap exactly, it should be fastened to be a comfortable fit rather than a tight fit as it is to make cleaning easier, the Happy Nappy does the main work of preventing leaks.

After use.
Remove your Happy Nappy and rinse well in cool water, dry away from direct light and heat. If you want to use again immediately just roll in a towel and squeeze.
Remove the NappyWrap, tip the contents with liner into the loo or
special purpose bin. The NappyWrap can be washed in the machine or by hand.

Brand: Splash About

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