Lil' Knight - Lil' Warmer by Beluga Kids

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For little baby swimmers braving the cool pool waters for the first time, and little ones who find the pool a tad too cold for comfort, the Lil' Warmer is the perfect swimwear of choice. Ease your little ones into (and out!) of the waters for a fun time with this amazingly soft and comfortably warm Lil' Warmer! 

Made of special diving material with a unique soft fleece inner lining, the Lil' Warmer ensures excess water is quickly absorbed away from the skin when your little bub is taken out of the water. This means your little one is kept fairly dry and able to fully enjoy the water without having to deal with uncomfortable chills. Skin irritations caused by chlorine or salt water are also minimised.

For full protection of sensitive skins, apply barrier cream before putting on the Lil' Warmer. ;)

With full length arms and legs, your child is adequately protected against the harmful UV rays. No more struggling to layer on sunscreen on your squirming child! *Do however remember to apply sunscreen on those little faces, ears and exposed areas of the neck and forearms.* 

The Lil' Warmer is the best protection you can give your little swimmer, against both the sun and wind chill. 

Fab Features:

  • UPF50+ and full length coverage for maximum UV protection. Important for tender lil' skins! 
  • Soft diving material with fleece inner lining, which absorbs excess water and helps keep little ones dry inside.
  • Soft Lycra neck and arm cuffs for greater comfort and protection. Just like a second skin!
  • High quality smooth YKK back zip that runs deep for easy and quick dressing/undressing - no more fuss or fight when changing!  
  • Comes in cheerful colours and cute prints to delight and excite little ones! 

Size Guide:

 LWarmer Size Guide 2

Free Exchange: 

We offer a FREE EXCHANGE for sizing issues, provided the swimwear has not been used, soiled or scratched. The clothing tags and labels must also remain intact. 

Free Shipping: 

We provide FREE SHIPPING to Singapore addresses, via local registered mail, for all purchases above S$60. No code is required!

Brand: Beluga Kids

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