Shark Reef Blue - Warm Kinetic by Beluga Kids

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So your little one has started tottering around and doesn't want to sit still, and you are worried that a fleece-lined suit will be too warm with all those mini movements. Well, Beluga Kids' got you covered with their Warm Kinetic!

A high-quality UPF50+ light wetsuit designed with active children in mind, the Warm Kinetic is made of a durable 2mm neoprene core body panel and light stretchy Lycra sleeves and side panels. Core body warmth is maintained without the stiffness or heaviness of typical all-body neoprene suits, thereby allowing more freedom of movement. Its mid-length sleeves and legs also provide optimum protection from the sun without unduly restricting movement.

A perfect transition piece from the thicker, warmer baby wetsuits to lighter swimsuits for older children!


Fab Features:

  • UPF50+: The UPF50+ material used provide maximum protection against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays - important for tender lil' skins!
  • Non-restrictive: Designed especially for bigger, more active children, the Warm Kinetic features soft and durable 2mm neoprene core body panels to provide core body warmth, while the thinner Lycra sleeves and side panels allow for ease of movement for your active growing child - an appropriate balance to keep both parent and child satisfied! 
  • Ease of Use: Featuring a smooth and deep back zip opening for easy and quick dressing/undressing - no more fuss or fight when changing!
  • Fun!: Comes in cheerful colours and cute prints to delight and excite little ones! 

Size Guide:

WarmK Size Guide

Free Exchange: 

We offer a FREE EXCHANGE for sizing issues, provided the swimwear has not been used, soiled or scratched. The clothing tags and labels must also remain intact. 

Free Shipping: 

We provide FREE SHIPPING to Singapore addresses, via local registered mail, for all purchases above S$60. No code is required!

Brand: Beluga Kids

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