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1. Swim Goggles

We carefully curate our goggles to bring you the most excellent in UV protection, quality and comfort.

Whether your little one is just learning to swim or is already comfortably swimming laps, protect their little eyes from harmful UV radiation with the most comfortable leak-free goggles on the market! Made in Italy, Aqua Sphere produces premium competition-grade swim goggles with the best quality materials, ensuring long-lasting quality, comfort and performance. Truly the best choice for your little one to feel confident in the water.

Brands: AquaSphere



2. Sunglasses

Our sunglasses are made to withstand little hands, feet and mouths! Our frames and lenses are practically unbreakable! All our brands are specially selected to bring you the best in UV protection, durability, safety, quality and comfort.

Little eyes need the most protection from UV radiation as their less matured eye lens are not able to filter UV rays as well as matured adults', allowing the UV rays to cause more extensive damage to their retina. 

Wearing sunglasses is an important habit to develop from young as damage to the eyes is cumulative and not reversible. We understand how young children may resist or find sunglasses uncomfortable, so we have found the best brands that have specially designed sunglasses to sit comfortably and withstand rough conditions, making it easier for you to protect your little one's precious eyes.

Brands: ro.sham.bo baby, Paxley, Real Kids