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1. Thermal Swimwear

i. Fleece-Lined Swimwear

The warmest thermal swimwear you can find for your baby/toddler, these special suits are made of soft fleece lining mounted onto a thermal material like neoprene.

When worn snug, the fleece keeps close to the body and maintains the body temperature so little ones will not feel too cold. The hydrophobic nature of fleece also helps to quickly dry the skin when your little one comes out of the water, so that they don't feel the cold from water evaporating from their skin. For more details, please read our blog.

Sizes range from 3-6m all the way to 2-4y. 

Brands: Lil' Warmer by Beluga Kids, Warm-in-One by Splash About







ii. Neoprene Swimwear

Slightly lighter and thinner than the fleece-lined swimwear but nonetheless still effective at helping to maintain core body temperature when worn snug. You would know neoprene as the material popularly used to make adult surfing wetsuits.

Our neoprene wetsuits for little ones are made of up to 2mm thick neoprene so they are not uncomfortable or stiff.

Sizes range from 1-2y all the way to 7-9y.

Brands: Warm Kinetic by Beluga Kids, Warm KineticX by Beluga Kids, UV Combi by Splash About

2. Non-Thermal Swimwear

This category comprises all our usual polyester/Lycra swimwear and beach wear that are not specifically made to keep the body warm. We carry a wide range of styles for both boys and girls, such as one-pieces, two-pieces, short sleeve and long sleeve rash guard sets, and even kaftan sets for little girls. All our swimwear are certified UPF50+ to provide maximum UV protection.

Brands: RuffleButts / RuggedButts, UVSkinz, Splash About, Cabana Life.



3. Reuse-able Swim Diapers

We love the convenience of disposable swim diapers, but the wastefulness of single use and adverse environmental effects of non-biodegradable products truly put us off.

Our reuse-able diapers are designed for ease of use - pull-ups just like disposables so you don't have to struggle with snaps and buttons. Stretchy waist and leg bands wrap snugly around the body to keep any messes in. Made of neoprene, these babies keep little butts comfortable and are made to last many washes. 

Sizes range from 3-6m all the way to 2-3y.

Brands: Crabby Nappy by Beluga Kids, Happy Nappy by Splash About